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Just before the dawn

The hour draws nigh (so very nigh) when the last letter is typed and the last deadline is met. Then, and only then, will I return to my usual research-happy self. And you, gentle reader, will reap the benefits.

Next issue: hooks and eyes.

A Progress Report, of Sorts

Though my way of life in the scholarly garret can support it not, I deeply crave a pair of these incredibly expensive, high-class chopsticks. As I've actually held a pair, I can testify that they are indeed the very most delightful eating implements I have ever had the pleasure to wield. So often, one is confronted with food, yet only aesthetically-displeasing, environmentally-unsound disposable utensils can be found. How lovely it would be to have these honeys in my bag, ready and waiting, instead.

Shall I now set myself to work explicating cultural materialism or narrative semantics? Yesterday I had my own tiny celebration of semantics on Metafilter, which inspires me to forge onward in that vein. The new Leonard Talmy two-volume set I mention in the Metafilter comment, by the way, is a splendid compilation and reworking of the full progression of Talmy's classic work. I have purchased Volume II, at great personal cost to myself ($60), and shall apply myself to it, in order that I may inform and inspire my ongoing work. Onward and upward!

Reference Works on Parade

The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism is available online for free. Why this should be, I have no idea, but it's a lovely, handy thing. It would be even handier if I didn't already own a copy of the print version, and handier yet if it contained an entry on Cultural Materialism or Rosemond Tuve. Ah, well.

Plus: A Novel Development

At long last, the first of our greatly-anticipated toys is available for your unlimited use! May you use it wisely and well.

Do more work? Just a minute, dear.

Several factors conspire against my rapid progress, though by all rights I should be merrily zipping through the writing of pithy introductions, the concoction of lucid diagrams, and the analysis of countless fascinating semantic phenomena. A handful of them may be illustrated by my inclusion of the following excerpt from today's Everyday Economics column in Slate. The entire series is quite excellent, and this article, on the fattening up of America, if not quite up to author Steven Landsburg's usual high standards, still has some choice morsels worth noting:

[C]omputers seem to keep us trim--maybe because they're so fascinating that we forget to eat, or maybe because we burn calories in silent rage every time the system crashes.

I click it, I read it, I live it. Perhaps, indeed, I should take a moment to favor the consumption of nutrients over the consumption of information and go out for some Indian food now.

The record skips

Accomodation float.

Accomodation float?

Accomodation float.

We beg your humble pardon

The gentle reader would readily be forgiven if he or she believed that the gentle author had no further intellectual pursuits than constructing these merry discursions on this and that. However, it is not so. Your correspondent has articles of no small length which beg to be written by the ides of May. Thus, an experiment: Rather than chasing the usual will o' the wisps and reporting the results in these pages, I will spur myself onward in my other tasks by reporting briefly upon my progress. (If possible, these reports will even include a tidbit or two of some interest to the reader.) Then, when these mighty undertakings are complete, we may return with pleasure to our more usual gallimaufry.

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